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Working to be the Area's Leading Internet Solutions Provider

OcoeeNET Online is the newest Internet Service Provider for the Ocoee Region.  We are a local leader in providing high quality Internet Access backed with outstanding technical support.

About our 56K Access: Our ultra high-speed True-Digital 56K lines put us ahead of the field.   These all new 56K lines support the latest v.90 protocol. Read more on the 56K v.90 issue.  You can now use your OcoeeNET dialup account when traveling by accessing our new NATIONWIDE SERVICE!

Service/Price Plans: All of our service plans come with:

  • FREE! Connection Software
  • Web Access to Email
  • Excellent User/Modem Ratio

  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Up to 3 E-mail Accounts
  • FREE! Tech Support

OcoeeNET Online Internet Access Plans

Plan Speed Monthly 2 6-Months 12-Months Extra Emails
PC 56K $18.95 $108.00 $180.00 $1.00
PC Mega Speed $22.95 $132.00 $240.00 $1.00
BUS 3 56K $39.95 $230.00 $460.00 $1.00
BUS 3 Mega Speed $49.95 $285.00 $540.00 $1.00
Pricing is with Credit Card or Check Card
2  Requires first and last month payments for new accounts.
3  Includes 25MB of commercial web space for businesses and 5 business e-mail accounts (POP3).

Click to Sign-up to OcoeeNET Today: Call our offices at (423) 473-7306 for a FREE! Set-up Disk or to schedule an in-home or office set-up. 
Please email us with any questions.

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